Professional Aircraft Management

Why not let Typhoon take the stress out of aircraft ownership? A corporate aircraft will almost certainly be your own or the company’s biggest single asset and one that needs to be looked after and managed by a team that have many years experience in this area. The management team at Typhoon, have over 50 years experience in aircraft operation and management. We will ensure that your investment will be operated professionally and maintained to the highest standards ensuring that it will be there when you need it. Our clients comfort and safety is our priority and all our pilots and flight attendants have many years and thousands of hours experience, operating all over the World.

We have many years experience in managing and operating both business jets and helicopters.

Owning and operating an aircraft can be a daunting proposition but with the right help and advice should be a rewarding experience for the owner. Although not a big company, we believe our strength lies in the fact that we can offer a much more personal service than some of the biggest players in aircraft management. We are always available at the end of the phone or email, 24/7.

We can provide a complete management package, taking care of all aspects of your aircraft’s operations to a more bespoke package providing only those areas that you may not be able to cover yourself.

Crewing and Training Solutions

TAM are committed to safety and pride themselves on ensuring that their crews receive the best training and that our high standards are maintained. Typhoon’s pilots are some of the most experienced in the industry. All our pilots have to hold an Airline Pilot’s Licence (ATPL) and most are both JAA and FAA licenced.

Our First Officers have a minimum of 2500 hours and our Captains a minimum of 5000 hours flying experience. They are all Flight Safety trained and visit the simulator at least once and sometimes twice a year on each type that they fly, thus ensuring you peace of mind, knowing that the guys in the sharp end are some of the best you can get. Our customers can be confident of their flight crew and be secure in the knowledge that they have a pair of safe hands in the front of their aircraft. They can relax with their family, friends or colleagues and enjoy their flight, in the full knowledge that they are in the hands of professionals.

We are able to either supply a full time crew for your aircraft or pilots to cover short term gaps in your own crewing. We have a long list of freelance pilots who fulfill our own high standards that we can supply to your operation on a daily basis, to help with days when you need an extra pair of hands. We only use the best. If your aircraft is one that has a low utilization, using freelance crew through Typhoon can be a cost effective solution.

We have fully trained freelance flight-deck crew for the following:

Business Jets

Falcon 50EX Falcon 900B Falcon 900EX Falcon 900EX EASy
Falcon 7X Global Express Challenger 604/605 Challenger 300
Lear 45 Gulfstream 450/550 Hawker 800/900 XP Hawker 400 XP
Citation Excel / XLS Citation CJ series    


Agusta 109 Power Agusta 109 Grand Agusta 109 Grand New EC155 EC135
MD 900/MD 902 Sikorsky S76 AS 350 AS 355  

Aircraft Sales and Precurement

If you are looking to purchase your first aircraft or you are an experienced owner, Typhoon can help you. Whether it’s a brand new Falcon 7X or Gulfstream 550 to a used Citation Jet or helicopter we will help guide you through the whole process.

Buying an aircraft can be a daunting prospect, whether it’s your first time or you are an experienced owner. We aim to offer non biased and impartial advice on any aircraft purchase, ensuring that your purchase is what you need and not what somebody wanted to sell you. Typhoon will sit down with you and make a full assessment of your requirements in order that we can source the right aircraft for your needs. This will include understanding your operational needs, from passenger numbers, to range, aircraft performance and baggage space etc. Once we have established your requirements, we will go to the market and find the most suitable type for your operation and one that fits in to your budget.

We can then draw up a short list of likely candidates for purchase and guide you through the whole purchase procedure from finance and VAT issues, using our in house specialist, to pre-buy, aircraft surveys and delivery. Our service will include negotiation of the purchase price, help with finance structure and contracts.

We will arrange and facilitate the necessary technical records and aircraft inspections to ensure that your purchase has been maintained correctly and there aren’t any nasty surprises. We won’t just leave you to your own devices after your purchase. If you, our client, need it, we can then arrange a bespoke management and crewing solution, from full to partial management, taking care of all aspects of operating your new aircraft, taking away all the hassle and worry you would otherwise have.

We want you to be pleased with your new investment and happy in the knowledge that it will do all that you want. When the times comes to sell your aircraft and hopefully upgrade to a newer or more capable one, we will be there to help you sell your aircraft and get the best price possible.

Engineering and Continued Airworthiness Management

Typhoon Aircraft Management can draw on expertise gained from some of the most well known and respected companies in the aviation sector. Our engineering staff’s proficiency has been gained at the forefront of the provision of outsourced engineering and maintenance services to many high net worth individuals and successful private and publicly listed companies.

Our services include:

 Maintenance planning and scheduling for your aircraft.
 The maintenance of your aircraft be it either a fixed wing or rotary aircraft.
 The writing of approved maintenance programs for your aircraft and operation.
 We can help in the liaison of modification design and planning.
 Monitoring of your aircrafts utilization
 Assessment and implementation of AD (airworthiness directive) and SB (service bulletin)
 The keeping of your aircraft’s technical records

Your Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization need not be aligned with a maintenance facility, thereby providing the private operator with independent oversight of their aircraft maintenance. Again Typhoon can help in this area providing you with a Continuing Airworthiness Manager to oversee your aircrafts maintenance.

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