Whether you fly for business or for pleasure, Typhoon Aircraft Management can help guide you through the maze of aircraft ownership. We understand that not every aircraft owner’s needs are the same. You may have some of the resources needed to operate your aircraft already in place and only need to resolve the others or you may need a full management solution. This is not a problem. Typhoon Aircraft Management can provide a bespoke solution tailored to your individual needs.

Cost is a significant factor in aircraft operation, and one that we are fully aware of.  We will negotiate you the best deals in insurance, hangarage, maintenance, and fuel.

Aircraft ownership can be daunting, but with the right advice and help, it can be a very effective and productive way to undertake all you private and corporate travel needs.

Typhoon pride themselves on offering a personal service and not treating our customers as just a number.  The management team are always available to talk to if an owner has a problem that needs solving or want advice on any aspect of their aircraft operation.

The team at Typhoon consists of a handpicked group of like minded individuals.  Our management team all have over 20 years in the world of corporate aviation and have worked together for many years.

Typhoon offer a range of services from full aircraft management to the provision of freelance pilots and flight attendants, training solutions, aircraft sales and acquisitions and continued airworthiness.  We can tailor fit a package that suits your individual needs.

TAM was set up to provide an individual, tailored, and highly professional, yet personal service to it’s clients. We are aware of the significant investment both emotionally and financially, required to purchase and operate a corporate aircraft, be it a fixed wing or helicopter. With this in mind we are able to offer a bespoke service to our clients from full aircraft management, to crew provision and training and Continued Airworthiness Management of the asset. Our engineering manager, Robin Jones, has been involved in aircraft maintenance for over 20 years and are highly thought of by the CAA, Isle of Man Aircraft Registry, Bermudan Aircraft registry and FAA.


TAM are committed to the flight safety and pride themselves on ensuring that their crew all receive the best training to ensure that our high standards are maintained. All our flight crew have at least 5 years relevant experience. All our Captains have at least 5000 commercial flying hours and all our flight crew hold an Airline Transport Licence (ATPL) with most of them also holding both JAA and FAA licences. All of our helicopter crews are Instrument Rated, with many years of two crew as well as single pilot operations. TAM send their pilots to undergo simulator recurrent training at least once a year and often twice a year. Our customers can be confident of their flight crew and be secure in the knowledge that they have a pair of safe hands in the front of their aircraft. Meaning that they can relax with their family, friends or colleagues and enjoy their flight, in the full knowledge that they are in the hands of professionals.


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